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in florida. >> absolutely. >> i'll get your reaction. >> let me talk about race. mark o'mara was not afraid to squarely talk about race. what he said was there was a young woman who had been burglarized in the neighborhood by a young african-american male. it was reasonable for george zimmerman to think that perhaps trayvon martin was suspicious as a result. what a missed opportunity for the prosecution to come back and say, you mean to tell me that just because somebody else of this young man's race had committed a burglary, this is a criminal? that is racial profiling. and add to that, the number of prior incidents where george zimmerman had called the police about suspicious in the neighborhood. 100% of whom were african-american. the prosecution fought hard to get that into evidence. it came in. and they were silent about it in closing argument. >> i want to get your reaction. >> my feeling about it, i think lisa is right on the question that they could have talked more about racial profiling. i would submit that many people on that jury would not know what that is. we can say it. we kn
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1